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I'm proud and happy to bring you my new single Merry Go Round Find Merry Go Round on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube This song came about during a walk in the British Peak District a while ago. It was warm, a late summer day. The heather fields were in bloom. On those wide, desolate moors covered in a violet haze, I suddenly felt completely free. Disentangled from daily life and all its pressure, obligations, routines... As if I had hopped off some ever-spinning carousel. That's how the idea was born of a Merry Go Round. I wrote this with my long-time writing partners Danny & Dave in England, and spent many late nights in the studio with Lieuwe Roonder, carefully crafting and refining the production. I'm so happy to bring you new music. It's been a while! :) Merry Go Round marks a new beginning. It's the first of a string of new releases. As we know I won't be able to play it live on stage to you any time soon, but If you like the track feel free to give it a share on your socials or add it to your playlist. We glide in cycles, side by side on the carousel we ride the scenes passing by as we slowly spin clockwise only to find with every loop a similar world all new...

Merry Go Round was created with these talented souls:

Music & Lyrics: Danny Fisher, David Austin, Fridolijn van Poll Production: Lieuwe Roonder & Fridolijn van Poll Mix: Marcel Tegelaar aka Skiggy Raz Mastering: Barry Gardner / Safe and Sound Mastering UK Played by: Danny Fisher & David Austin: Guitars Mark Schilders: Drums Lieuwe Roonder: Synths, Beats, Sounddesign Fridolijn van Poll: Vocals, Synths Photo: Marinka Grondel Video concept: Marinka Grondel Camera: Arne Elgersma Additional Video Art: Heleen Blanken MUAH: Desiree Schouten Fashion design: Maxine van Kampen Press inquiries: /

Bijgewerkt op: 5 feb. 2021

On March 25th I had the honour of opening up for the beautiful, Manchester-based band The Breath, at Paradiso. We had a beautiful night. Here are two live video's, playing solo at my favourite venue.


Hi! Thanks for your visit. It's a little quiet here at the moment. That's because I'm working hard on new music. I'm writing and spending time in the studio almost everyday. The first few songs are finished, and there's a lot more on the way. It's always a bit of a chaotic, creative process, which I'm massively enjoying. A new style and sound is developing slowly but steadily. I can't wait to release it all into the big wide world. Please join my mailinglist and I promise you'll be the first to know all about everything.

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