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Today I'm announcing the release of Chapter Two, and bringing you a new video for my latest single ‘If Your Heart Were A City’.

‘Chapter Two’ comes out on november 27th on Freija Label/LAB music and is the follow up of Chapter One, which came out in the summer of this year. The airiness heard on the first chapter is being traded for a darker sound. Synths will play the lead part and hope is making way for irony and disillusion.

Pre-Save ‘Chapter Two’ here:

The opening track of Chapter Two is ‘If Your Heart Were A City’. When ‘If Your Heart Were A City’ was in its final stages I played it to my dear friend and visual artist Heleen Blanken. I asked her if she would be up for creating something on it. Not long after she sent me her visual interpretation of the song. I think it’s stunning. I’m happy to share with you today.

Watch the new video here:

‘If Your Heart Were A City’ is a song about the desire to get to know someone, but not being able to fully reach them. The metaphor is a city, of which you’d not only like to get to know the tourist highlights, but also the little back alleys, in order to find out who someone truly is. You can find the full lyrics underneath the new video on Youtube. Please share away, and stay safe.



New music is coming. This Saturday, 4th of July I'll play an online release concert for you. Live from holy ground: the beautiful Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk. 🎇 1st one with my new band! Have your best headphones ready, because the good people at Studio 150 will make all your hifi dreams come true. 🤤🎧 Join us from anywhere in the world at this Saturday 19h CET

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