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Release Date: April 10, 2020


Music: Danny Fisher, David Austin, Fridolijn van Poll


Lyrics: Fridolijn van Poll


Production: Lieuwe Roonder & Fridolijn van Poll


Mix: Marcel Tegelaar


Mastering: Barry Gardner at Safe and Sound Mastering UK


Played by:

Fridolijn van Poll: Vocals, Synths    

Danny Fisher: Guitar

Mark Schilders: Drums

Lieuwe Roonder: Synths, Beats, Sounddesign


© Freija Label 2020


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Photo: Marinka Grondel


Singer and songwriter Fridolijn makes an evocative statement with Merry Go Round, her first single in four years. 


Swirling synthesisers, distant drums and Fridolijn’s haunting voice circle round like a spinning carousel, making Merry-Go-Round sound like a daydream, slowly spiralling you inwards.


Fridolijn says: “This song came about during a walk in the British Peak District. There, in that violet haze of the low sun shining over the moors, I suddenly felt completely free from daily life. It’s as if I had hopped off the ever-spinning carousel that's always circling around the different seasons. That’s where the idea of a Merry Go Round was born. It’s a song on how to flow with these natural seasons - of rest, excitement, solitude or creativity, instead of going against them. It’s interesting how the song gains a whole new meaning during these evolving times.”


Fridolijn’s music is characterised by a distinguished, captivating style which can be described as dreamy folktronica.  With Merry Go Round Fridolijn (pronounce Free-Doe-Line) makes a strong return, after releasing albums with her band Finn Silver, and her 2015 solo debut Catching Currents. The release of Merry Go Round marks a new beginning for the artist, as it is the first of a string of new releases, to be expected later in in the year.  


With a combined 2 million streams on Spotify, international shows on stages like Billboard Live Tokyo, The Tabernacle London, and Concertgebouw Amsterdam, and press coverage on blogs like Written in Music and NoDepression Fridolijn has steadily been making a name for herself. Merry Go Round shows us the artist took the time needed for refining her sound, making curious for what is yet to come.

Amsterdam - April 2020

Merry Go Round Fridolijn coverart.jpg
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