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New video Frame This on Vevo!

Today I'm launching my new video Frame This on Vevo!

Frame This is the first track of Catching Currents, my new album coming out on V2 Records, October 30th.

Frame This is a song about the secret desire to stop the time. When the past has already passed by, and the future is an impending unknown, I sometimes wish I could stay right HERE. It's about the wish to remain naive, blameless.

Perfect moments have the tendency to pass by though... like a mote in a ray. Leaving us to age, develop and grow along the way. All you can do is embrace it...

The video was filmed close to where I grew up, with the beautiful dancer Josephine van den Nieuwendijk. Josephine is a former student of my mom, at the Codarts Dance academy in Rotterdam. It's so special to see echo's of my mom in Josephine's dancing. Leaving me proud and inspired to see how my own mother has dealt with time passing by. With ageing, growing and paving the way to a new generation.

Massive thank you's go to Piet van Steen, for filming and editing the video. To Laura Andalou, for art direction. To Josephine van den Nieuwendijk for giving it all. To Danny Fisher and David Austin, for writing this song together, to Richard Spaven and Grant Windsor for co-producing it, to Axel Reinemer for recording and mixing it, and to Returning Seasons for the kimono!

Frame This is available through the following links. Please do share it with the world if you like it.

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